Land Auctions & Tiny Homes: 5 Things to Look For

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Owning a tiny home that ranges from 100 to 400 square feet means that you do not need to have a huge piece of property to live and thrive on. Once you have purchased a custom tiny house, it's a good idea to look into land auctions to help find a permanent place for the tiny home to rest on. Before purchasing just any piece of land, there are five key components to look for. These will help you get the best deal and find a great area to permanently place your tiny home.

Flat Areas

When exploring areas for land auctions, it's a good idea to scout out some of these places in person. When browsing the property, you'll want to ensure that there is a flat and level area that is stable enough to hold your tiny home. If the land is uneven or hilly, it may require extra costs to excavate and flatten the land. These additional costs are something to consider when calculating your entire budget for the home. Visiting in person can also give you a chance to visualize the property and understand how you want your tiny home to fit on it.

Parking Areas

Along with an area for the tiny home, you should also consider the space available for your vehicles. Whether you dig out an area or have a section paved, the plot of land that you bid on should have plenty of parking space. When viewing auction websites, look for aerial maps of the property. These allow you to use digital measurement tools and break down the property by square footage. Through the overhead angles, you can make a mock-up of the land and ideal parking areas for any vehicles you may own. It helps give a realistic view of the property and if it is ideal for your tiny home.

Room to Expand

While you may plan on living in a tiny house now, that may not be your situation forever. If you're purchasing a plot of land, you should always consider any type of expansion you may want to do in the future. Along with a tiny house, you may want to add a shed, garage, or other building. If your family expands, you may also want to expand the tiny house to a bigger model or something like an RV. It's a good idea to look at properties where there is room to expand. By purchasing a bigger plot of land, you will not feel trapped by property boundaries. Instead of moving to a new plot of land in the future, you can simply expand on the land that you already own.

Surrounding Areas

When going to an auction for land, it's important to be aware of the surrounding property and development in the area. You do not want to set up your tiny home property and then get surrounded by a lot of commercial businesses in the area. By visiting the town hall in the city or town, you can see the land use requirements for plots of land that are near the one you are bidding on. This can help avoid any shock or surprises on land growth as you settle down on your property. Ideally, you should look for a piece of land that extends away from a main road. This will help reduce noise and impact from any neighborhoods or developments.

State Zoning Laws

Tiny houses are unique when compared to the traditional home, and the process of moving onto the property may require different stipulations than a traditional home. This is why it's important to look into the property's zoning status before placing any bids on a home. Every state has different zoning laws, which include specific details on land use. Some plots of land may only be approved for homes with a minimum square foot of starting space. A lot of these laws were put in pace to prevent RV parking on the land, but without consideration of the tiny homes. Even if the zoning law applies to the property, there are ways to file appeals and get your tiny house approved. It's just important to do the extra research before jumping the gun and purchasing land that your tiny house cannot be used on.

By doing a little extra research, you can ensure that the property you purchase is perfect for your tiny home. By purchasing the land at an auction, you have the ability to save a lot of money and settle down for numerous years.