Selling Your Home? Be Sure To Tell Your Real Estate Agent These 4 Things

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When getting ready to sell your house, you may be fixated on a couple things. This includes what the potential selling price will be, how soon it can go on the market, and even the improvements that need to be made before you can sell. There are some things that you should tell an agent, such as at, before they can move forward to help the process go smoothly.

How Much Money You Owe On Your Home

This seems like a personal issue, but your agent needs to know if you are able to pay off the rest of the mortgage with the sale proceeds. A mistake that can be made is underestimating how much is actually left on the home and what is needed to pay off the loan. For example, there can be legal costs, bank fees, escrow costs, and even concessions made to the buyer. Giving your agent this information can help them understand how much you need to have the sale break even with your expenses.

If Liens Are On The Property

Always let an agent know if there are existing liens on your property, since you'll need to have them resolved before your home is sold. This is because liens could take time to settle, especially disputes which are not accurate. By not disclosing this information, it will eventually come up when the buyer's lawyer checks for a lien on your home. It could delay or stop the sale of the home later on, so get it figured out early.

If There Is Property Damage

If you are aware of damage that has happened to your home, such as from a basement flooding, that information must be disclosed at some point during the home buying process. It's better that this information comes up sooner rather than later, since some buyers will back away from a home that had certain kind of damage at some point.

If Your Are Behind On Mortgage Payments

Will your home potentially become a foreclosure? Definitely let your real estate agent know if this is a possibility. An agreement could be made with the company that provides your mortgage to help sell the home quickly, and avoid foreclosure happening while the home is in the process of being sold.

Disclosing these 4 things you're your agent will help ensure that the sale of your home goes smoothly, rather than discovering a problem too late in the selling process.