6 Questions to Ponder When Searching Real Estate Listings

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Whether you are in the market for buying or renting a home, your search may eventually lead you to the real estate listings. You can find basically any type of real estate listing online these days, so it helps to narrow your selection. Before you become overwhelmed by your options when searching for your new home, ask yourself the following few questions:

1. What Type of Property Are You Searching For?

The listings will show homes for all property types. Most online listings will feature a pull-down menu for making your selection. You may choose a single family home or a co-op unit. You will find listings for condominiums for sale or rent as well as apartment homes. Perhaps you are interested in a duplex or multi-family home. Maybe you're interested in purchasing a farm with acres of land. Check the listings, as many realtors will have these categorized for potential buyers. You will also find listings for mobile or manufactured homes.

2. Are You Looking to Buy or Rent?

Real estate listings are often categorized by "For Sale" and "For Rent". Narrow it down buy choosing the listings that meet your criteria or "buy" or "rent". If you plan on financing a home, be sure your credit is in good shape and you will meet the criteria set by the bank or lender. This will help you avoid disappointment.

3. Do You Prefer a Home Already Built and For Sale by the Owner or Agent, or a Home Under New Construction?

You'll find listings for homes up for sale by the owner, as well as homes under construction. An advantage of newly built homes is modern energy efficiency. Also, when you search for newly built or homes under construction, you may have the advantage of working with the builder to customize the home as you wish. If you are buying from a previous owner, however, the flooring, cabinets, counters and appliances may be part of the deal. One drawback to choosing a home under construction, however, is the land may be underdeveloped and not centrally located. You may also have to wait a considerable amount of time before the home is completed and ready to be moved in. Check the listings for estimated times.

4. Have You Considered Buying Foreclosed Property?

This is a popular type of real estate listing you might not want to pass by. When considering the foreclosure listings, ponder a few of the possibilities. Buying a foreclosure means you may receive a below market price because the seller wishes to close the deal quickly. You may also receive repairs at no cost to you. This may be mentioned in the listings. You will also receive information on the condition of the home. Some real estate websites have pages dedicated to foreclosures only. 

5. What Features Are You Looking For?

Do you prefer a house with a two car garage? Is a backyard swimming pool important? Is waterfront property something you have been searching for? You may also narrow your search by number of bathrooms and bedrooms, as well as the space, which is measured by square feet.

Would you prefer a basement and an attic? How important is central air conditioning or a fireplace? Do you require wheelchair access? All of the features and more may be categorized.

6. What Is Your Price Range?

Perhaps this is the most important question of all to ponder. Determine your budget before you search through countless real estate listings. You wouldn't want to find a home that you've fallen in love with only to be disappointed because it is pout of your price range. Just about every all estate listings will be categorized by price, so you might want to make this selection first.