4 Deal Breakers When Searching For An Apartment With A New Roommate

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Before you contact the property management service at the apartment homes where you want to live, you may want to consider the possibilities of having a roommate. Apartment hunting can be an exciting adventure where you get to explore what you really want in a new apartment, yet it can also be challenging.

You need to find an apartment that meets your needs that has an affordable monthly rent. You can often save money and live in a bigger apartment if you choose a place to live with at least one roommate. Before deciding on a roommate, be sure to discuss these potential deal breakers with them.

Deal Breaker #1: Disagreeing Over the Adoption of Pets

Whether you want to have pets in the apartment is a major issue, and it's a common one that roommates don't think of discussing from the get-go. However, one of the first things you should ask a potential roommate is if they are planning to adopt any pets in the next year or so. If the answer is yes, make sure that you are okay with the kind of pet they want. If you plan on adopting yourself, make sure to let the roommate know about your plans as well.

Deal Breaker #2: Wanting Different Type of Roommate Relationships

One common difference between new roommates is that one may want a friendship while the other just wants someone to share the bills. Talk about expectations in the first meeting. If you aren't seeking new friends and don't plan to socialize with any roommate you choose, be clear about that, and you can be sure that you find a like-minded roommate so neither of you will be hurt or disappointed.

Deal Breaker #3: Being Too Relaxed About Cleanliness

Although some roommates aren't keen on cleaning up after themselves every day, making cleanliness a priority is important when you share an apartment with others. If you and your roommate are too relaxed about cleanliness, you may attract roaches, rats, and other problems. That's not to mention the ire of your roommate. Make sure you both see eye-to-eye about how clean you will be keeping the apartment.

Deal Breaker #4: Not Splitting Costs of Furniture or Other Items

Some roommates may be fine with moving into a place and never fully furnishing it. Others will want to furnish the entire apartment and split the costs to do so. Make sure that you have the budget and willingness to match your roommate's preferences for furnishing your new home. You should both be on the same page with how and how much you want to furnish your apartment home.

Finally, keep in mind that it's okay to set whatever boundaries you need with a roommate. It's best to have a very up front conversation from the very beginning to avoid misunderstandings, disagreements, and tense living arrangements later. Once you find roommates you agree on, speak to the property management service about moving in with roommates and how that may work for that apartment building. It may be just the right arrangement to allow you to move in to your dream apartment. 

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