Is This The Right Agent? How To Know You've Picked The Right Realtor To Sell Your Home

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In this day and age, any professional business service is a major competition between those qualified to offer their service to consumers, and real estate is no different. If you live in some areas, you will have no shortage of real estate agents to choose from when you decide to sell your home. The fact that there are so many gives you an advantage as a consumer because you can pick and choose the one that works out best for your situation. While tracking down an agent is easy, just how do you know you're working with the best? Check out these things you should be looking for as you shop for the right realtor to help you get your home on the market and sold. 

The agent works to establish a foundation of trust right from the beginning. 

A realtor is someone who you are going to instill a load of trust into through the home selling process. This person will be your go-to guide for everything from advice to money matters and knowing you can rely on what they say is crucial. There are a few signs that your agent is holding your trust as valuable right off the bat, including:

  • the agent is sincerely interested in your concerns about the process
  • the agent follows through with everything they tell you
  • the agent is freely providing you with useful information

The agent is knowledgeable about the market your house will be advertised to. 

Not every residential property is the same. In fact, one home can be incredibly different from the next according to things like location, market value, size, amenities, the amount of included property, and even the age of the house. Because homes can be so different, the market sect for your home will be as well, and so should be the agent you choose to market it. Look for an agent who is knowledgeable about the group of buyers who would be interested in your home. For example, if your property is a small hobby farm, the agent should be familiar with what buyers who buy these types of property are usually looking for. 

The agent is easily accessible with in-person and other communications. 

Imagine you have a showing scheduled and disaster strikes. The toilet overflows, the roof springs a leak, or your child has a sudden stomach virus; any of which could be a situation when a showing would have to be canceled. In these situations, having access to your agent is incredibly important, so it is a must that you can reach your agent by phone, email, text, or at the office at a moment's notice. A good agent will always respond to you in a timely fashion.