Tiny Trends: Why Tiny Houses Are So Big Right Now

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For some time now, the trend has been toward building bigger and bigger homes for sale. Perhaps the easy credit home loans of the nineties and beyond are to blame for many of these "mcmansions," but there seems to be a push back in the works. More and more people are going for smaller homes, referred to as tiny homes. Why are these little abodes so popular? Read on to learn more about this trend toward compact housing.

What exactly is meant by tiny home? While you won't find the exact definition in any construction or home design dictionary, in general this term refers to homes that come in under 400 square feet. When you take into consideration that the typical home right now in the United States is 2,500 square feet, you can get a better idea of just how tiny tiny homes can be in comparison.

Why do people love tiny houses?

1. It gives them more for their money: The value of a home is normally based on its square footage, but that is only part of the equation when it comes to getting more value out of the home. Not only are these tiny abodes a lot less expensive in the first place, they are also cheaper to maintain and pay utilities on. It also presents a way for people to place a priority on what they consider more important things. That money that is not spent on housing can instead go for travel or fun hobbies. You must also consider location, with tiny homes having the potential to be located in more scenic, expensive and convenient locations without having to pay the extra you would for a traditional structure.

2. It gives them more mobility: These tiny homes are not just small and cheap, they are easily moved. There is nearly nowhere that these homes cannot be towed, and they can be relocated in a heartbeat for those with wanderlust. Places that previously had to be visited can now become a semi-permanent residence.

3. It forces people to pare down and simplify their lives: Nearly everyone, particularly those who have undergone a house moving, has been struck by the realization that they simply have too much "stuff" and need to get rid of some it. With less storage space, living in a tiny home will mean taking a hard look at possessions and using only what is absolutely necessary. People who have done so report a feeling of freedom.

If a tiny home sounds perfect for you, talk to a realtor for some help and guidance.