Why It Is So Important To Have A Home Inspection Before You Make The Purchase

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Buying a new home can be an exciting time, and you might be in a rush to get the process over with, so you can start to move in. However, you do not want that excitement to get the best of you, to the point that you make some costly errors, such as skipping out on the home inspections. By getting a better understanding of why the home inspection is so important, you can ensure that you will not try to go through the process without it. Here are some reasons you need the inspection to be completed:

You Will Learn about Any Issue with Pests

Do not make the mistake of assuming that an issue with pest infestation is something that you can easily deal with later. While that might be true if the problem is nothing more than some ants crawling around, if the home has a current or previous infestation of termites, it becomes a serious and expensive situation.

If there was previous termite damage, but they are gone and the structure of the home is still solid, you may be able to feel confident about moving forward with the sale. If there is a current infestation, you can request that the sellers of the home take care of it before you buy the place.

You Can Learn about the Stability of the Foundation

It is crucial that your home foundation is level, secure, and free from cracks and holes. While the most extreme foundation problems can be spotted by just about anyone, you will need the trained eye of a professional property inspector to determine if the foundation is in the best possible shape. After all, if there are severe foundation troubles, you could end up with a basement full of water. You could also end up with collapsed foundation walls.

You Can Have the House Tested for Mold

You want to make sure that the home you are considering is not covered in mold. Sure, in some cases, you can see the mold, but in other cases, the mold can be within the carpet or behind the walls where you can't see it. Since toxic mold is a serious health concern, this is something you want the inspector to look for before you buy the house.

As you can see, a quality home inspection is extremely valuable, and it can save you from the wasted time and money, and the frustration you might end up with, if you were to skip it.