Ready To Buy A House? Four Very Smart Reasons To Choose New Construction

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Prospective home buyers must make many decisions in order to purchase a home, such as selecting the right real estate professional and choosing the best home loan option. But there is another very important decision that must also be made — whether to purchase an existing home or one that is newly constructed. If you are working your way through the countless decisions and processes of buying a home and wondering which type would best fit your needs, the following information may convince you that new construction is the best choice for you. 

New construction homes can offer a better move-in ready experience

Even the most inviting existing home on the market will still need some redecorating to make the buyer feel at home. Whether these changes are minor ones, like paint colors, or more involved ones, such as replacing flooring and appliances, the work often delays the new owner's enjoyment of their home after closing.

When buying a new construction home, however, buyers usually get to choose the designs and finishes used in the home and all the work that is completed before closing. This means they can move into a home that is already perfect for their needs, without having to work around painters and repair contractors while settling into the home. 

New construction can reduce home maintenance issues

Choosing a new construction home is also an excellent way to reduce the cost and aggravation of home maintenance issues for several years after the purchase of the home. In fact, according to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, commonly referred to as InterNACHI, life expectancy rates for some of the more expensive home repair and maintenance problems experienced by homeowners include:  

  • decking planks - 15 years
  • electrical service panels - 60 years
  • roofing trusses - 100 plus years
  • carpeting - 8 to 10 years
  • central air systems - 7 to 15 years
  • furnaces - 15 to 25 years
  • asphalt roofing shingles - 20 to 30 years

Using this information, it is easy to see that home buyers who choose to purchase a newly constructed home may be able to avoid many of the home maintenance costs that buyers of existing homes may face. 

New construction can offer fewer allergens

Human and pet dander, pet hair, cigarette smoke, perfumes, and house dust are just a few of the common allergens found in existing homes that can wreak havoc on allergy sufferers. Yet, these and other contaminants can linger on in existing homes, even after they have been thoroughly cleaned. 

In addition to these types of allergens, existing homes may also cause allergic reactions or other types of illness if there are any unseen issues present when the home is purchased. Mold and mildew infestations capable of causing illness are one example of an unseen issue that can remain hidden from view inside walls or within heating and cooling ducts. 

When purchasing a new home, however, buyers can be assured that all surfaces are new and untainted by any problems left behind by a previous owner. 

New construction can provide builder perks

Another good reason to choose new construction is the possibility of builder incentives. For example, most reputable builders offer excellent warranties on new homes, including materials and workmanship. In addition, many builders also offer attractive financing options that may simplify and expedite the buying process. Buyers may also be able find that some builders offer other special incentives that can make opting for a new home instead of an existing one an even smarter home buying decision. 

Prospective buyers who want to learn more about the benefits of purchasing a newly constructed home can ask their real estate agent to help them find a reputable new home builder in their area. Before settling on a specific builder, ask your agent to arrange a tour of each builder's model homes to familiarize yourself with the quality and workmanship offered by each one.