How To Make Your Community Managers Happy

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If you rent your home in a community where you have managers overseeing things, then you want to make sure you do everything possible to stay on their good side. When you have a manager that's happy with you as a tenant, then you will find you'll have a better living experience because you will know that your managers like having you as a renter and you can count on them speaking highly of you to prospective landlords when the time comes to relocate. Here are some ways to keep your community managers happy:

Pay your rent responsibly – The best thing for you to do is to try to pay your rent on time and in full every month. However, if something comes up that leaves you in the position of being late on the rent, then you want to talk to the managers as soon as you know there will be an issue. Also, let them know how much you can give them when rent is due and exactly when you will have the rest to them. As long as you have been a great tenant, you may find that they are willing to work with you. However, you may need to pay a late fee.

Park in your assigned parking space – If the community you live in has assigned parking spaces, then you want to make sure you always park in your own spot. Also, make sure that your visitors know to park in the visitors parking spaces only. When you park in other tenant's spots then it will cause them to go to the manager with a complaint. This puts them in an awkward position unnecessarily.

Follow all the rules of the complex – Make sure you and everyone else in your household follow the rules on your lease. This includes making sure you are only using the amenities during the appropriate times and that you don't break other rules when using them. It may also mean keeping the outside of your rental looking a certain way and having your loud TV or music turned down during the designated quiet hours.

Be easy to reach – You want to make sure you give your managers all of your current contact numbers and return their calls right away when they leave you a message. When you change one of your contact numbers, give it to them right away. You don't want to be hard to reach which will leave them in the position of doing extra work to track you down.