Don't Forget These Four Things If You Want To Enjoy Your Next Neighborhood

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When buying a new property, the neighborhood is just as important as the actual lot on which the house sits. After all, you won't be cooped up in your house all the time. Here are four important parameters that you can use to gauge whether a neighborhood is right for you:


The walkability of a neighborhood gives an indication of how easy it is to navigate a place by foot. For example, if you want to go to a barbershop and then go shopping for groceries, can you do it on foot? Walkability is of great concern to those who enjoy watching, those who have been advised by their doctors to avoid sedentary lifestyle or those whose jobs entail sitting all day in the office and would like to spend the rest of the day on their feet.

What People Do For Fun

Whether or not your friends describe you as a fun guy, there are things you love to do for fun. Find out whether you will be able to enjoy your favorite pastimes in your new neighborhood. For example, if you love an active nightlife and love club hopping on Saturday nights, a neighborhood where the bars close at midnight might not be good enough for you. Whether your favorite pastime activity is fishing, surfing or hiking, find out if you will be able to enjoy it in your new place.

The Lay of the Land

Many people will agree that the literal lay of the land, or topography, is also important for their emotional wellbeing. Do you love flat plains, valleys or hilly areas? Apart from satisfying your fancy, the topography of a place can also tell you more about its local climate and weather. For example, low lying lands are more likely to be flooded than hilly areas.

What the Area Is Known For

Lastly, it may also help to find out what your potential neighborhood is known for. You need to know whether your next destination is known for its fine wine, it's unusually high homicide rate, its high percentage of brownstones or other such things. At the very least, knowing these things will enable you to gauge whether you will be a good fit for the area. For example, if most of the people in the area don't have cars (due to environmental concern), do you mind looking odd by being one of the few car owners?

What are your favorite things about a neighborhood? Tell your real estate agent about them to help you land a home in the neighborhood of your dreams.