Does Your Senior Mom Refuse To Move In With You? 3 Tips To Get Her To Compromise On A Senior Apartment

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When your senior mother lives alone, it is hard not to worry. After all, anything could happen. All it takes is a fall or sudden memory lapse to leave her in serious danger with no one around to help. While you might have been looking forward to your mother living with you, try not to be offended if she refuses. Many seniors today value their independence, and your mother might be trying to avoid feeling like a burden or giving up certain freedoms. Senior apartment complexes offer a fair compromise when your house is off the table. Use these tips to get her on board with your new solution to her living situation.

Share Your Concerns About Safety

Your mother is likely to respond to your worries when you pose them as realistic possibilities with solutions that are found in senior communities. For instance, you could discuss your fear of her having a fall-related injury and explain that senior apartments are already outfitted with things such as handrails in the bathroom that minimize that risk. Many of these apartments also have security systems in place that shield seniors from break-ins and fire risks that are a serious concern when your mom lives alone.

Highlight the Amenities

Spend a few minutes thinking about what your mom is afraid to give up. Does she love to garden or swim? Many senior complexes offer amenities such as pools, patios and outdoor seating areas where your mom can still enjoy her favorite activities. In fact, she may even find it easier to get around if the complex offers assistance with transportation or is located near some of her favorite venues.

Take a Walk Around the Complex

Once you have your mom interested in hearing what you have to say, it is time to check it out. Arrange for a tour where you can see the layout of an apartment. As you do the tour, be sure to mention highlights such as having a smaller space that is easier to clean, or you could mention the beautiful landscaping that your mom does not have to maintain. Finally, make sure that you do some walking through communal areas such as recreation rooms or outdoor gardens. This allows your mom to have a chance to encounter a few of the residents so that she can picture herself living there and enjoying meeting a few new friendly neighbors.