Traveling Mistakes That Could Leave You With Bed Bug Souvenirs

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Traveling is always an adventure. Seeing a new place or visiting a familiar place you love, either way it's a vacation and time away from the stresses of home. When traveling, there are mistakes you could be making that could potentially leave you with bed bugs as souvenirs. These aren't the type of souvenirs you want bringing back with you from your latest trip—and nobody is going to want this gift that could keep giving. Read on for some of these traveling mistakes you should avoid on your next trip.

Not Looking The Hotel Room Over

You should always read the hotel reviews before booking. Sure, some are most likely false, but there may be a few truths in them as well. If you spot any that mention bugs of any kind, you should avoid those hotels if you can. Even if you book at a hotel with stellar reviews, it could still have a bug problem. Taking a good look at the hotel room before you go unpacking for the rest of your trip is always a good idea. Check beneath bed sheets, on the mattress (as well as the sides of the mattress), inside the drawers, along the walls, and on the rest of the furniture for live or dead bed bugs as well as skin sheds. If you spot any of these, ask for a new room or get to a new hotel.

Leaving Your Packed Suitcase On The Floor

If you want to leave your belongings in your suitcase, that's fine, but don't leave the suitcase on the floor and open for any pest to get into. Place your suitcase on the luggage rack and keep it closed when you aren't using it. Leaving it open on the floor is going to give bed bugs and any other pest easy access to your suitcase. You'll pack up your things and not even know that you're taking home a few extras inside.

Using The Drawers

If you're leery about unpacking in the dresser drawers, keep your belongings in your suitcase instead. Use plastic bags to keep your clothing inside to protect them from bed bugs or other bugs. The bed bugs will not be able to climb in with your clothing, as the plastic is too slippery for them to climb on. You can keep your suitcase wrapped in plastic to protect it from bed bugs as well.

Not Washing Your Clothing When Returning

Upon returning home from your trip, you should wash everything in your suitcase that can be washed. Anything that cannot be washed should be kept in a sealed plastic garbage bag for a few days and kept outside of your home until you can be sure anything inside is dead. 

If you are making any of the above-mentioned mistakes, you could be leaving yourself open to a bed bug infestation. If you do end up with these unwanted visitors, call a bed bug extermination service immediately to prevent them from infesting your entire home.