Thinking Of Selling? Invite Your Real Estate Agent Over Early!

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Are you thinking of selling your home? If so, you might be doing things like tidying up, looking into places to move, and browsing the market to get an idea of prices. All of these steps are important, but there's another step you should not neglect while you're still early in the process of considering selling. Call your real estate agent, and have them come over for an initial conversation. Here are some benefits to working with them this early in the game before listing the home becomes a more urgent matter.

They can tell you what changes are worth making.

When homeowners decide to sell their homes, they often jump straight into making improvements that they think new buyers will want. You may, for example, be thinking of painting the bedrooms or replacing the older carpet. But sometimes, what you think buyers want to see is not really what they want to see. Buyers can be picky, and their desires vary by the market. If you have your agent over early in the process, they can look around and tell you what changes are and are not worth making. This will keep you from wasting your time making unnecessary changes, and it will also ensure you have time to make changes that are needed.

They can give you an idea of pricing.

If you've been looking at comparable homes in the area and reviewing all of the recent sales, you might think you have a good idea of how much your home will sell for. But calculating the sale price for a home gets complicated. There are so many factors to weigh, from the quality of your school district to the age of your roof. Consult with a real estate agent early, and they can use their expertise to give you a more accurate idea of how much the home will sell for. This will allow you to plan for future real estate purchases and other big financial choices.

They can arrange for professional photos and videos.

Professional photos and videos can go a long way toward helping a home sell, but the best real estate photographers and videographers book up quickly. Real estate agents tend to have connections with these professionals, and the earlier you connect with an agent, the easier time they'll have booking the best pros to create advertising imaging of your home.

If you're thinking of selling, consult a real estate agent early in the process. They'll start you off on the right track.