Make Your Move Less Stressful And More Convenient For The Whole Family

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Moving is an exciting process overall that promises new experiences and challenges. However, making the transition to a new home can also be stressful and feel inconvenient for the whole family. While adults tend to worry about things like finances and moving tasks, kids may experience separation anxiety, decreased self-esteem, or even academic problems due to the stress of a move. Pets are prone to developing feelings of stress and anxiety due to a move as well. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make the move less stressful and more convenient for everyone involved. Consider putting the following tips and tricks to use:

Invest in Collapsible Crates for the Pets

A great way to keep your pets calm while you clean and get things ready for your movers to pack is to invest in a metal or plastic collapsible crate for each of them. You can keep the crates in a closet or under a couch while collapsed and not in use, and when you're ready to pack or prep for the move, you can quickly set them up for your pets to feel safe in while you work.

Place the crates in a quiet room where the door can be closed to keep the pets calm in all the moving commotion. This technique is a great way to ensure that your pets don't run away when a front or back door is open during the moving process. It will also help to make your movers feel safe around your anxious animals.

Have Your Movers Break up the Work

If you plan to have professional movers pack all of your belongings into boxes for you before the move, ask them to do the job in two or three different sessions a couple of days apart from each other during the week leading up to your household's move. This will ensure that it isn't chaotic on moving day and give you a chance to organize all of your stuff before it gets put onto the moving truck.

For example, you can color code your boxes once they have been packed so they are easier to manage and unpack once they get to your new home. Do this by marking all your kitchen boxes with a specific colored permanent marker or sticker, your living room boxes with another specific color, and your bedroom stuff with yet another color. Having your movers break up the packing work should also help the kids and pets get accustomed to the commotion so they're more prepared to handle actual moving day.

Make a Pre-Visit to Your New Neighborhood

Everyone in the family, pets included, can benefit from visiting the new neighborhood you'll all be living in before officially making the move there. If possible, take time to visit the local school during lunch time once or twice before the move so the kids have a chance to meet their classmates before their first day as "the new kid" in class.

Spend an afternoon in the park and take a quick walk around the block of your new home with the pets so they can get used to their new surroundings – the adults can get to know new neighbors in this way too. Driving around town to locate local stores, healthcare clinics, kids' clubs, business offices, and entertainment facilities like the movie theater will help to make you all feel comfortable and safe within your new community once you've made your move.

These methods and techniques should help to take some of the stress out of your move overall, making it easier for you and your family to enjoy the experience and quickly adapt to your new home. For more information about moving, visit websites like