3 Tips To Help You Sell Your Home Fast

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If you have a lot of equity in your home and want to sell it quickly, you could do so if you are willing to make less money on the deal. The best option you have to sell is to hire a real estate agent. The agent you hire will advertise the home on real estate listing websites and will try to show the home as often as possible. Here are a few things that might help you in your quest to sell my home faster once you decide to list it. You can choose to do one of these things or all of them, and they will typically help achieve the goal of selling fast.

Price It Right

When you have a lot of equity in the home you want to sell, it offers more flexibility, especially if you really do not mind earning less of a profit on the sale. This is why the first tip to consider following is pricing your home right. You can talk to a real estate agent to find out what similar homes are selling for in your area, and this will give you a basis as to what price you should ask.

For example, if most similar homes are selling for around $180,000, you may want to list yours at $170,000. This would be just under what the going rate is, and pricing like this might bring in more potential buyers to see your home.

Offer A Higher Commission

A second option you could consider is offering a higher commission rate to your real estate agent. The average commission rate for selling a home is 6%. Keep in mind, though, that the agent that lists your home will not earn this entire amount, even if he or she is the selling agent. While negotiating the rate is not always an option, it does not hurt to ask, and it could make a difference in the amount of time it takes to sell your home.

For example, if the agent says the rate is 6%, you may want to offer 8% instead. This will result I paying a higher amount for the commission and receiving less money at closing, but it could be a good incentive for agents to try to sell your home. If your home is the only home listed at an 8% commission, agents might push to try to sell it so they can make more money. Their commissions would be higher by selling that home, and that is why you may want to consider using this method to sell quickly.

Offer Incentives

The third option you have is to offer some incentives to the buyer of your home, and there are a number of different things you could offer. Here are some suggestions to consider:

  • Pay the buyer's portion of the closing costs – If the buyer does not have these costs, he or she will save money on the deal.
  • Offer a free home inspection – Get your home inspected and offer the results to any potential buyer of your home. This will eliminate one step many buyers will want to take.
  • Offer to fix or modernize something – If your home needs any work at all, you could offer to make the needed repairs or updates. This could include kitchen or bathroom renovations, or it could include hiring a contractor to repair all the issues in your yard.

These three incentives may help you sell your house faster, and this is why people use incentives. If you are interested in learning more about how you can sell quicker, contact a real estate agent today.