Steps for Getting Furniture Cleaned

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Upholstery cleaning is a craft that many homeowners may not be familiar with yet. If you notice that your furniture isn't looking as good as it could, follow these steps to determine the best cleaning option. 

Is It a DIY Job?

It helps to assess the extent of the stain and know what caused it. For simple food stains, you may be able to get them out yourself with a simple over-the-counter cleaning solution. It's best to call an upholstery-cleaning service if the stain is from pet waste, however, since the compounds in pet urine can be very stubborn to remove. 

Is It Under Warranty?

Some new furniture comes with a warranty just as your electronics do. If you are unsure, your upholstery center may be able to look up the warranty for you to see whether you qualify for a free cleaning. 

Find Relevant Upholstery Cleaning Centers

When you're looking for upholstery cleaners, there are a few things to consider. Decide whether you need an upholstery specialist or someone who can tackle other tasks as well. Sometimes it can be affordable to get your upholstery cleaning taken care of in one fell swoop with your carpet cleaning and other household cleaning tasks.

Be sure that the company offers the type of equipment you need. Different types of furniture require different cleanings. Portable steam cleaners are acceptable for chairs and small pieces of furniture. A full truck-mounted cleaner is more appropriate when you have a large upholstery job or you want full rooms to be cleaned. 

Pricing can be an issue as well; you may be able to get discounts for repeated cleanings or bundled tasks. It helps if a guarantee is covered in your cleaning job; if the spot dries and you notice that there's still some stain left over, you won't want to pay more to have it cleaned again. Looking at references from past customers can help you to determine whether the company does a complete job. 

Have a Cleaning Scheduled

When you're scheduling an upholstery cleaning, note that it may take some time for the furniture to dry afterwards, so plan to stay off of the furniture for a day or more. You can speak with your cleaner about specialized cleaning solutions as well if you have delicate fabric or allergies. By working with your upholstery-cleaning center to get the right service, you can ensure that your furniture gets cleaned to your standards. 

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