Family Game Night: Ideal Home Features For Enjoying Your Favorite Party Games

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For many families or groups of friends, game night has become a great tradition that is done on a monthly or weekly basis. If you love these social gatherings and plan on hosting some of your own, then it's important to know what type of home or space that you are looking for. When browsing through house listings, there are key components to look for. These elements can provide a great game space ideal for a lot of board games, social gatherings, and for inviting friends or family over.

Sun Rooms & Closed in Porches

During the nicer months out of the year, it's fun to enjoy family game nights in the nice weather. Playing outside does have it downfalls. This includes windy days or rainy weather that can cause damage to the board game elements. You can get the best of both worlds by finding a home listing that includes a sun room or closed in porch. These elements are roomy enough to set up a gaming table and can also provide you with easy ways to enjoy nice weather.

Finished Basement Areas

A great way to extend the size of a home is with a finished basement. Finished basement areas provide a lot of great space to customize and set up board game nights as needed. It allows you to have enough room for an active game of charades, or to set up a large table for a longer type of role-playing board game. Finished basements may also include large door openings to the backyard. This makes it easy to grill and cook outside while setting up various games inside.

Open Floor Plans

Entertaining for family game night can be made a lot easier by shopping for a home with an open floor plan. For example, when the kitchen is opened up to the living room, you can prepare food, snacks, and drinks without missing any of the game action. The open floor plan also makes it easier to pack more people in for board game playing. This allows you to host as many guests as possible without feeling too crammed.

Breakfast Nook or Sitting Island

The kitchen is a great area to play board games in. Certain homes will have specific features that make it easy to handle. For example, a small breakfast nook area can provide booths and seating that makes it easy for anyone to play board games on. A sitting island can provide you with seats and standing positions for people to play. Having more diverse options will make it a lot easier to set up various types of games.

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