Make Sure The Retirement Home You Are About To Buy Will Serve You If You Develop Reduced Mobility

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If you are approaching your retirement and want to buy a house for your retirement, don't forget to consider your future frailties when evaluating houses. You need a house where you will live comfortably even when old age reduces your mobility and makes you prone to accidents. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when doing that:

The House Should Have a Single-Level Floor Plan

A multi-level house is difficult to navigate, especially if you use a wheelchair or use any other form of walking assistance. Imagine trying to wheel yourself into a sunken kitchen or living in a home where you have to move from a sunken living room to reach the hallway and get to the bedroom. Even a house where you have to use stairs to get to the front door from the front walk can be difficult to navigate.

The House Should Have a Step-In Shower

The bathroom is one of the rooms that you have to use every day so it should have excellent accessibility. For example, you may find it difficult to take a bath if you have to get in and out of the bathtub if you are frail, use a wheelchair or have a back problem. Therefore, your retirement home should have at least one walk-in shower since those are easy to get in and out of. The bathroom should also have adequate grab bars and nonslip flooring to reduce the risk of accidents.

The Appliances Should Be High Enough

If you want to keep using your appliances until your sunset years, then you have to make sure they are of the right height. In particular, your home appliances (think dishwasher and clothes dryer, among others) should not be too low that you have to bend over to operate them. That can be very difficult to do if you develop a back problem, and many people develop the problem in old age.

The Storage Spaces Should Be Accessible

Lastly, you also need to ensure that your storage spaces are easy to access without having to bend down too much or climbing onto something. Imagine having to use a ladder or climb onto a stool to reach a cupboard when you are too frail to even navigate a multilevel floor.

Hopefully, you will find the house of your dreams at a reasonable price when you factor in the above issues during the search. A real estate agent, such as from Signature Properties Group, Inc.,  can also help you with the search.