Options You'll Have When Buying A Manufactured Home

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If you're ready to downsize or if you just want to buy an affordable home, then a manufactured home could be a good choice. If you buy a newer model, you'll have many of the same features as a traditional home such as shingled roofing and vinyl siding. Here are some things to think about when you're looking for a manufactured home to buy.

Choose New Or Used

If you want to buy a brand new home, you can visit a manufactured home seller and tour the models to get an idea of what is available. By visiting a seller's lot, you can view several models all in one place. You can choose to have the home moved to your own land or into a manufactured home community. Another option for buying a new home is to visit a planned community that is already developed and has homes up for sale. You may even find older, pre-owned homes for sale in communities as well.

Newer manufactured homes are built to higher standards than older homes so they are more expensive. If money is tight, buying an older home could be the solution. Some are quite affordable and you might even find one you can buy for cash, although it is possible to get loans for manufactured homes too. One thing to keep in mind when you shop for an older manufactured home is how well it's built. You may have very high utility bills if the home has poor insulation. You'll want to inspect the home thoroughly for floor warping, gaps around windows, and condition of the roof before you buy. One advantage to buying a used manufactured home is that you can often buy it as a bundle on an established lot with mature landscaping. You can work with a real estate agent to find the ideal lot and home to buy.

Select A Park Or Private Lot

You'll have a few options on where you'll live when you buy a manufactured home. You could move into a manufactured home community, which is a popular choice with people downsizing during retirement. Some communities have active social calendars and amenities such as clubhouses, swimming pools, and fitness centers. You can find retirement communities and communities for families as well. If you prefer privacy and control over the land under your home, then you may prefer to buy a private lot. You can place a manufactured home on a private lot for permanent housing or as temporary housing while you save for a home and have it built on the same lot.

There's a manufactured home for just about every purpose and budget. Buying one is a great way to get into a home of your own when your budget is tight. It's also a good way to move into a community where you can stay socially active with others your age.