Three Reasons To Love An All-Inclusive Hotel Timeshare

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Timeshares; you either love the idea or you hate it. However, traditional timeshares are moving over to make room for hotel and resort timeshares, the new "breed" of timeshare now available in most of the most popular tourist destinations. One such example of an all-inclusive hotel timeshare is Marriot's Oceana Palms timeshare. All-inclusive hotel timeshares offer more than just a place to stay while you are on vacation. Here are three reasons to love this type of timeshare property. 

The "Room" Is Much More Than a Room

The idea that a hotel room could be a timeshare seems strange until you see exactly what a hotel timeshare "room" includes. Most of these properties are practically full condos stacked on top of each other and in multiple stories. You get one to three beds/bedrooms, a living room, at least one full bath, and a kitchenette. The front door to each of these timeshares opens into a shared hallway like hotel rooms on a floor and gives you access to stairs and an elevator to go down to the first floor, lobby, pool area, exercise room, and quite often, a few onsite restaurants. 

Vacation Packages Available

With some timeshares, the occasional vacation package is offered in the lobby. The hotel timeshare proprietor arranges special group pricing with popular nearby attractions so that everyone can get out of their timeshare and explore these attractions for a special price. If you tour a hotel timeshare property, ask about these day trip packages and pricing. 

Only Stay in Your Timeshare When You Want to Stay

If you stay in your timeshare when you want to stay there, you will be much more content with your decision to purchase a hotel timeshare. It means that you own something of value, you can use it for family vacations, and you spend less owning that timeshare than you would if you stayed in a pricey resort where you do not own the property at all. Additionally, you can enjoy all of the usual amenities associated with most higher-end hotel chains, plus a few extras offered by whichever hotel timeshare company you buy into. Commitments are often short, and you can resell your hotel timeshare at any time because you are not locked into it for years like traditional timeshare properties. Ask a real estate agent or visit a site like to find hotel timeshares near places you like to go and begin your timeshare shopping today.