The Top Qualities Of A Good Tenant

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If you currently do not have great credit but need an apartment or home to rent, you may need to prove that you would be a good tenant in ways other than through your credit score, but how do you do this? Well, you might be able to find ways if you know the top qualities landlords look for in tenants, and here are some of them.

Consistent, Reliable Income

A person's income and job play a huge role in the type of tenant the person is. A good tenant is a person who has a good job with reliable income coming in each month. If you have bad credit from the past, you might still be able to prove you are a good tenant by showing the landlord different types of financial documentation. For example, showing paystubs will prove that you have a job. They will also show the income you have coming in each month. Showing bank statements can also prove that you have enough income to handle paying your rent. You could even show your tax return from last year to prove this. There are a variety of ways to prove your income, and you will need to do this to prove you would be a good tenant.


It can be hard to prove you are responsible if you have bad credit, yet proving this is vital, as being responsible is a top quality of a good tenant. With bad credit, a landlord might be skeptical, but you could explain yourself to the landlord over the phone or in person. You could explain why your credit is bad, and you could explain things in your lifestyle right now that prove you are responsible.  

Avoids Trouble

The other big thing to understand is that a good tenant is one that avoids trouble. Do you have a criminal record? If so, this could be a factor that turns a landlord away from you. Do you have a past that involves causing problems with previous landlords? This too could be a turnoff to the landlord. Landlords have enough troubles to deal with on a normal day that they do not want to choose tenants that will cause more trouble or drama for them. This may be a hard thing to prove, but you could aim to touch on this topic when talking to the landlord.

These are the top qualities of a good tenant. If you believe that you have these qualities, you might be able to prove that in ways other than with your credit score. To learn more about how to go about renting an apartment, contact a company like Fairway Real Estate.