What Sellers Should Expect When Closing On A House

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As a home seller, you might feel excited to list your home. You might also feel excited as you begin offering showings on the house. At some point, you will probably receive an offer from someone who wants to purchase your home. If you accept the offer, then you will be one step closer to selling it. However, you will still have work to do before you can close the deal. Here are some things to expect as you work toward the closing date.

You Might Have Some Things To Address

When you sell a house, the buyer might ask you to do some things. If so, the purchase offer will state these things, and you can use this contract to know what you must do. For example, did the buyer ask you to fix some things or modify anything in the home? If so, you will have to complete these tasks before closing. If you fail to do these things, then the buyer might back out of the purchase.

The Buyer Will Order Inspections

Next, you can assume that the buyer will order inspections. If this is the case, then the purchase offer will state what inspections the buyer wants. As the homeowner, you must comply with these requests. When your agent calls you to tell you when these will occur, you should be flexible to allow them to happen.

You Might Have To Renegotiate

One of the services that real estate agents offer is assistance with negotiations. You might have to negotiate before you and the buyer reach an agreement, but you might also have to negotiate after the inspections. If the inspector finds some problems with the home that the buyer was not aware of, then the buyer might ask you to lower the price or fix the issues. If you cannot reach a deal, then the sale could fall through, but your agent will assist with this if necessary.

You Should Pack and Move Out

The other thing to know is that you should begin packing your things after you reach a deal on your home sale. You might only have a few weeks before closing, and you must move out before the closing appointment.

These are some of the things you can expect when selling a house. If you have questions about real estate services that agents provide to sellers, contact your residential real estate agent today.