Tips To Help You Through A New Home Purchase

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The process to buy a home includes hours of searching and looking at homes, pages of contracts, and getting your finances in line to apply for a home mortgage. A buyer's real estate agent is a great asset to help you through the process, so make sure you consider this professional as part of your team when you are ready to buy. Here are some tips to help you with buying a home.

Make Sure You Understand Contracts

As you start your realtor-assisted online search, your realtor will provide you with contracts and legal agreements that are necessary for them to work with you. This will include contracts, such as an agency agreement and a commission contract to outline the professional relationship you will have with your agent during the home search, how much their commission fee will be, and where it will be paid from once you buy a home, respectively. 

Before you sign any contract or agreement, make sure you read through the terms. Make sure you understand what you are signing your name to so you don't get into any agreement or agree to terms that are not in the direction you want to go. Your realtor can help you understand the terms of any contract if you have questions, especially those that come from a home seller and their agent during a home buying negotiation process. For example, ask questions if you don't understand an addendum included in the purchase contract.

Get Pre-Approved

Another essential part of buying a home is likely going to be getting pre-approved for your mortgage. Be sure to start this process before you start the home search, because you don't want to start looking at homes that are outside of your purchase limits. If you only can get pre-approved for $400,000, for example, and you start looking at homes that are listed for $500,000, you will be wasting your time in the search and also setting expectations that you cannot fulfill, which will cause you to be disappointed.

Your real estate agent is an excellent source for professional recommendations, especially with a mortgage lender. In fact, your real estate agent is going to regularly work with local mortgage brokers and can tell you which ones work really hard for their clients and get the mortgage loan process completed efficiently. You, your realtor, and the mortgage lender will all be working together and will need to be in regular communication throughout the buying process.

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